Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to School

It's my first day back at school. It's also my last first day of school! Unless I go to grad school, or fail all my classes this semester, I'll never again have a first day of school. It's pretty weird. In four months or so I will--if all goes well--be a college graduate.
Maybe it's the excitement of my first day of school, but I don't have a trace of senioritis yet. I'm actually really excited to be back to learning after my summer as a reporter. My internship was for a small newspaper catering to tourists in Green Lake county, a 35 minute drive from Oshkosh. The fact that the "Green Laker" isn't exactly the New York Times was actually good for me, because I was in charge of a lot of different things. Not only did I do all the reporting and writing, I also took pictures for stories and stand alones, wrote the captions and forwarded press releases to my editor. All in all it was a good hands-on experience.
Now I'm savoring my last remaining semester of college, while maintaining a part time job and taking on the feature editor job at the UW Oshkosh newspaper, the Advance-Titan. I'm pretty excited about that too, even though I know it's going to be pretty high-stress. Another good experience.