Wednesday, July 15, 2009

greeeat question.

I know I know. The guilt is overwhelming! Poor, sitting here alone, languishing with lame posts and few interested readers. Let's revive this sucker! I got a job! Doing a lot of commuting but it's a REPORTING job, yes they do still exist. It's going well. Let's have some fun now...Someone asked me how tall I was the other day (Shocker!), and I usually just tell them. But it got me thinking about all the replies I've come up with over the years. Please add to this list:

Replies to The Question Tall Women are Asked Most: How tall are you?

--What a great question! I'm 6'4", now tell me how much you weigh.
--Ask me that again and I will squash you.
--Congratulations! You're the one millionth person to ask me that. What does he win, Bob?
(it helps to carry confetti around if you're going to use this one.)
--Oh, are you doing a survey to determine the height of people who are trying to mind their own business?

Another one is: Do you play basketball?

No. I do enjoy dropkicking short people, though. May I?
--(Mock excitement) Are you a WNBA scout?!?!!! Yes! I knew the only requirement to be a great basketball player was to be over 6 feet tall! (aaaand deadpan.) All me troubles are over.