Saturday, June 14, 2008

My sad obsession with shoes

Speaking of my sister's wedding, it was a pain finding SHOES! Shoe shopping has always been a horrible yo-yo of emotions. I love shoes, and I go to stores and see all the cute one on display, get all excited then deflate at the reality that no stores offer anything past size 12. I think I obsess about shoes so much because it's such a rarity to find my size, I'm always looking, and seeing all the styles for smaller sizes just makes me crazy!
Although Nordstrom has quite a few 13s online, the one time I went in there they only had three pairs of black shoes, my grandmother probably would have worn them...
But at least I'm glad there are more online companies designing for us large-footed women. I looked at Kathryn Kerrigan for the first time and the designs are gorgeous, too bad for me that the cheapest pair is $99 (they are handcrafted and look to be great quality. check out the website).
...Someday, when I'm a famous journalist...I probably still won't make enough money. But it's good to know the companies are out there.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bachelorette Party!

My sister, next to me on the right side, isn't much of a party girl, so we went out to dinner the night before the wedding with the bridal party, cousins, and my brother's girlfriend.
There's nothing like a good Wisconsin fish fry.

I've Been Busy...

Hopefully some people are still checking on my blog occasionally, even though I have not posted for a while. I'm finally settling into summer, my internship, and various other commitments.
I went home to Mineral Point, Wisc. this past weekend for my sister's wedding. A lot of family I haven't seen since Christmas to they all told me how they liked my article and saw me on the Today Show. It was nice to know I had all these people behind me, and guilty because I have let my blog languish for so long.
I'm so comfortable around my family that I forget my height. So it was weird when, at my sister's wedding reception, a man came up to me from the bar to ask how tall I was. It was one of those where all he wants to know is my height. "Those guys wanted to know." Okay, well now you know. It was a great reception, and we danced for hours. As the maid of honor I made a speech. It was the first wedding I've ever been in, and since it was my only sister getting married it was all the more special. And nobody minded that I was taller than the bride, even standing a step below her. :)