Saturday, June 14, 2008

My sad obsession with shoes

Speaking of my sister's wedding, it was a pain finding SHOES! Shoe shopping has always been a horrible yo-yo of emotions. I love shoes, and I go to stores and see all the cute one on display, get all excited then deflate at the reality that no stores offer anything past size 12. I think I obsess about shoes so much because it's such a rarity to find my size, I'm always looking, and seeing all the styles for smaller sizes just makes me crazy!
Although Nordstrom has quite a few 13s online, the one time I went in there they only had three pairs of black shoes, my grandmother probably would have worn them...
But at least I'm glad there are more online companies designing for us large-footed women. I looked at Kathryn Kerrigan for the first time and the designs are gorgeous, too bad for me that the cheapest pair is $99 (they are handcrafted and look to be great quality. check out the website).
...Someday, when I'm a famous journalist...I probably still won't make enough money. But it's good to know the companies are out there.


tallgirl said...

Hi Becky,

I just found your site and love it! You were great on MSNBC too. I am a 6'1" tall woman and can identify with all of the comments, clothing and shoe issues! I am giving up the quest to find long inseams at reasonable prices and am starting my own clothing line for tall girls in the fall. Thank you for inspiring all of us tall girls out here!!
Columbus, OH

Cassiemarie said...

Hey Becky,
I saw you on the today show out of pure chance and was like HEY ITS BECKY! Anyways, I just wanted to give you a tip on where to find 37" Inseam pants. They have them at but only in certain styles. Hope that helps your quest!

Rena said...

when i finished reading your post the first thing that came to mind was "wow! there is someone else that has an obsession with shoes because they have big feet" everyone i go shopping with thinks im nuts when i start swooning over shoes that are way too small for me.
its especially hard for me living in a country thats averege hight for women being around 5'3-5'4....

Barb said...

I hear 'ya. I almost cry when I walk by the shoe department these days. I used to be a size 10 and finding shoes was hard but still doable then. But after having my son, I went up a size to 11. (Another wonderful thing to look forward to... like labor isn't enough)

I'm not as tall (5'9"), but I have freaky arms & legs, so I need a 37-inch inseam as well. By the way, there's a catalog that carries up to 39" inseam pants, They're not cheap, but sometimes they have sales.

Heath said...

I feel I am qualified to share your pain based on the fact that I too feature plates size 13...WIDE... (Cue the Fate theme from Carmen.) And I LOVE SHOES. For years, it was a love so resoundingly one-sided that I may as well have been a *mermaid*, till the shoe companies wised up (somewhat) and began stocking *women’s* shoes in that size. I write to you now in glossy pink sandals with glittery pink rhinestones perched on the arches of my feet, because DAMMIT I DESERVE TO OVERCOMPENSATE for all those years of downheartedly cruising the men’s aisle. And now, unlike the notable literary mermaids, I have my happy ending. (Disney’s doesn’t count. I did say *literary*.)

Of course it's still hard... and my heart still hurts because of the hundreds of freakishly adorable, perfect shoes I still can't HAVE... but having a closet full of shiny, colorful, strappy, wedgy, shiny, sassy shoes sure helps. Boo yeah.

Anonymous said...

Hey Payless is your answer for size 13 that do not look horrible,and are cheap. They keep getting more 13 styles every month i would check it out online.

√Čtoile de mer said...

In fact, payless is the way for cheap shoes... but I live in Canada and you can't order... so you can guess that I never find the nice ones ! :'(:'(

I found those sites with big shoes, if it could help all of you :
Gwyneth Shoes : (shipping everywhere)
(1 pair of flat shoes, very nice !!)
There's also shoes from : La canadienne : (stores in Canada and US)
A lot of boots from la Canadienne

Aldo Shoes is starting VERY SLOWLY , TOO SLOWLY to do big shoes

I'm starting to think that all tall women should join and make pressure on this companies that are not offering bigger sizes! There's a market I'm pretty sure !!!! New girls are taller than ever!!! They will have to ajust with the demand, one day... i hope ! ;)

Andrea M. Pace, Publisher & CEO said...

Hi Becky,

If you're looking for other great shoe sites for women with large-size feet, then check out my shoe blog created for full-footed women,Your Feet Make You Unique. I personally wear size 11 shoes. I understand what it's like to not find what you're looking for because of the size of your feet. There are other online shoes stores out there that cater to larger-sizes. So stop by ,Your Feet Make You Unique. And tell your girlfriends about this shoe blog for full-footed women who wear sizes 10 and up!

Rich Moore said...

Hi Becky
As promised, I've added a link on our site Soles4U.

Keep up the good work.


Melanie said...

Yeah shoe shopping for anything other than doll shoes is such a pain! I am the same way about everything. Shoes, bras, bathing suits... the cute stuff is always implausibly small. I've had some luck (with nice party shoes at least) on, maybe that'll help?

Leila said...

The shoe companies are finally paying attention to the fact that people are getting taller and feet are getting longer too! Dreamshoes is my favorite site because after having children my feet have gotten a bit wide as well. So check out

Geri said...

Check out They have fantastic shoes up to size 15 and they're not your grandma's shoes, either. They have lots of shoes in the $50 to $75 range. I have so many great shoes since I found this site.

Skechers said...

I also have obsession for shoes and I like it I always love to buy online shoes