Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Impressions and a Rant

Happy Monday! I'm never exactly sure what day it is since I'm still out of work, but I'm pretty positive today is Monday. I've been in Spokane now for three weeks and two days, and I feel pretty comfortable here. I've been out and about in the city; I figured out the main roads and found the library, the newspaper office and of course the unemployment office. From what I've heard there are a lot of people out of work in Spokane...maybe that's why I can't get an interview.
I spoke to a local woman last week about jobs and she said that this town was pretty blue collar and she advised me that it's not always good to show off my college degree because it could come off like I think too highly of myself. That shocked me. Shouldn't I be proud of my education? Shouldn't my degree show my dedication, work ethic and ability to overcome obstacles? I certainly won't be taking my degree, or my GPA, off my resume, even though most of the jobs I'm applying for don't require a college education. Since when was education something to be embarrassed about?


Linda said...

You'll get a job eventually! No one should ever be embarrassed about having a degree! When a hiring decision is between you and someone who doesn't have a degree, you would probably win out.

Hang in there.


Linda said...

Hi Becky....

It's me... Linda again.
I was talking to my husband about your job situation and he said that you should take your GPA off your resume for any jobs that don't require a degree. He said that it kind of pushes your qualifications over the top. He is very smart when it comes to this stuff! He started 2 successful businesses and was able to retire when he was only 45 years old!
Good luck!


liuluo said...

U can write. I think you are talented and kind.

Ropi said...

My name is istván but I am rather called Ropi (salty stick). I rather hate Mondays. Going to school after a relaxing weekend is horrible.

Sunil said...

For you lady, I advice that don't be depress and be confident. You have all guts and you will surely get a good job.


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sanjeet said...

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Anonymous said...

I think you are are really good writer, and you are quite compassionate for your position in the world. I have a thought about education and a way to look at shouldn't be ashamed of your degree...but I don't really think it's necessary to be proud of it. It's just a degree. Are you proud of graduating from elementary school?

I think not. It's just elementary school. Nothing to make a big deal about.

A college degree shouldn't be a requirement, and people shouldn't judge people based on their level of education either.

Good luck on the job search...

The only thing people should judge people on is their intelligence and their niceness. Being a good judge of these two qualities make it possible for people to communicate. :)