Wednesday, July 15, 2009

greeeat question.

I know I know. The guilt is overwhelming! Poor, sitting here alone, languishing with lame posts and few interested readers. Let's revive this sucker! I got a job! Doing a lot of commuting but it's a REPORTING job, yes they do still exist. It's going well. Let's have some fun now...Someone asked me how tall I was the other day (Shocker!), and I usually just tell them. But it got me thinking about all the replies I've come up with over the years. Please add to this list:

Replies to The Question Tall Women are Asked Most: How tall are you?

--What a great question! I'm 6'4", now tell me how much you weigh.
--Ask me that again and I will squash you.
--Congratulations! You're the one millionth person to ask me that. What does he win, Bob?
(it helps to carry confetti around if you're going to use this one.)
--Oh, are you doing a survey to determine the height of people who are trying to mind their own business?

Another one is: Do you play basketball?

No. I do enjoy dropkicking short people, though. May I?
--(Mock excitement) Are you a WNBA scout?!?!!! Yes! I knew the only requirement to be a great basketball player was to be over 6 feet tall! (aaaand deadpan.) All me troubles are over.


Christy said...

I like to say with a straight face a ridiculously short height, such as "4 foot 11." Or I say "tall enough to step on your face as I dunk over you" which I've never actually done, but it incorporates the basketball theme. People are just curious and don't realize how annoying it is to be tall and be asked that question a thousand times over the course of a decade. So I try to gut them some slack, figuring they are probably wishing they were taller. Suckers.

Jonathan said...

I always ask tall women this question: would you rather be 6 feet tall or 5 feet tall? You'd be surprised at the statistics I've come up with by asking this.

Rolus said...

Well, have just found your blog on the internet and I found it interesting.

First: The fact to see that EVERYWHERE, people can not avoid to point people that is not on the average look, when they can not see their own disadvantages.

Second: The fact you have some disgusts about your height in a country where people is really tall.

Third: The fact that people want to be respected about its own integrity but do not respect others's that do not want to be pointed.

I Live in Peru and I am 5'2", in a region where the average use to be 5'5" or 6", and I have lived the same as you but on the opposite side of height.

For example, for finding a couple, some women use to look for taller men, just to look them "from down to up" instead "from down to down", but they do not usually respect that you also have feelings and you want the same as them, to be respected. They can not avoid to make some comment that can offend you, instead of just saying nothing.

The only way is to have the same smile from the first to the 100000 time that people say that, because it won't stop, you'll have it for life and you do not deserve a life of disconfort just because the others.

Just take it as a little mole on your skin: It's there but you almost do not notice it. Just be happy! It's hard on the beggining but you'll make it!

I'm 30 and, even I do not like some people's comments, I am happy to be as I am due to I am healthy, so this is the best asset I can have.

While you do the best to be healthy, sometimes you can not choose to be healty or not, so be happy to be as you are!

Great blog, it really helps to slowdown those unconfortable feelings by sharing them to others, but I am sure soon you'll find your soul mate.

Take care!

Caramel said...

I refuse to feed any negative comments on my height. It used to really bother me when I was younger and I got an awful time in school but now I embrace it! I think like a supermodel and yes I am aware of the term cognitive dissonance but what you think you create so just ignore them. When people make smart comments it says alot more about them than it does about you! Hold your head high and be proud to be tall. Carmel X

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Kylie said...

Haha! I love the confetti idea! Perhaps there could be a marching brass band on hand, too?

If I'm not really in the mood for conversation, I tend to say, "Ohhh, you know, pretty tall." Some people get the subtle hint that it's strange to ask strangers about their bodies. Others don't, and look at me as if I'm this petulant child who is brattily refusing to answer their perfectly nice,non-evasive question.

SHOEGAL said...

Cafe Press do a t shirt (which I have) that says 'Yes, I'm very tall. Thank you for pointing that out.'

I also have one that says 'Tall? Me? Really?'

jheri said...

I checked your blog after a long time - it is so good you have found something in your field! I'm sure it isn't easy getting something doing writing.

I'm almost as tall as you and get comments and stares. I used to have a lot of comebacks and the best were when I was with friends ... someone would state the obvious and my friend, would say "I'm shocked - how could you have kept this from me for all of these years!" sometimes we would carry on for a long time.

But now I mostly have a different view. Unless the people are being purposefully annoying I try to be nice and use it to start a conversation. I think people are very used to dealing with the normal sort of people they see, but if someone who is very different - a very short man or a very tall woman - they say something dumb because they don't know what to say. I know how to react to normal people because I see them all the time, but I found myself doing what people do to me when I ran into a dwarf lady. I had become one of the dumb question people.

But there are times when you can have fun. I have one friend who is very tall at 6'7. She is all leg and look average tall when she is sitting unless you see her legs. A guy came up to her in a park when she was sitting at a table reading. The conversation started out ok, but soon another came and it was clear they were missionaries with something else on their minds. This was really annoying to her and they wouldn't take know. Finally one of them asked if she believed and she stood up towering over both of them. She said,,, "oh, I did when I was your height" and walked off...

Sunil said...

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phil said...

I'm 6'8" and have a sister that's 6'4". In college, she wore a shirt that said "I eat short people for lunch" on the front, and "Any questions?" on the back.

Additionally, my favorite comeback to "Do you play basketball?" is "Why? Do you play miniature golf?"

Renee said...

Hi! I just ran across your site and wanted to tell you that I started an athletic clothing line for tall men and women in 2008. It's called Vertical Athletics and it's made for women 5'8" + and men 6'2" +. The company was born of necessity- I'm 5"11, one sister is 6'3" and another is 5"10. We got sick of never finding clothing that fits properly so l finally decided to start making some. Little by little we are growing and the best way to find out about new products and sales is to sign up on the VIP list. You can find us at

Hope you Spokane is working out well for you! We may be going to a volleyball tournament there in March.
Thanks for checking us out!

Renee Krieg
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khananel said...

I'm really glad this blog is here! I'm a 5'10'' guy, living in the UK, and I love women taller than me. They really turn me on (much more than 'normal size women'). Its not a fetish thing, its just how I am.

Just the thing of me looking up at her and she looking down at me. I was watching Ann and Claire Recht on Youtube; both 6'7''! And such nice kids. Wonderful!I love women in general in the way of having genersally more respect and regard for women than for men.

If a woman has an inner beauty, is intelligent AND is taller than me it makes my day. I going to read your book Rebecca and will let you know about it.

Its funny how a very tall man can be with a much shorter woman and noone really comments. But somehow its thought 'odd' for a really tall woman to go with a shorter (say 5-6'' shorter) man. That really does provoke comment...One day I'll meet my 6'3''-6'5'' soulmate and that will make my life...

Thanks for being tall and sharing with us.


khananel said...
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Stephanie said...

I am tempted to say to the How tall are You types, 6-4 and my IQ is 136. I already know you are short, so surprise me with your IQ!

PS Doncha love the Long Tall Sally catalog that replaces TallGirl! I have been buying LTS for while and it is better quality (fabric and tailoring) and more stylish. Keep on posting. We will get big mo' (momentum) on our side.

Anonymous said...

My favorite answer to the basketball question is "No. Why? Do you play mini golf?"

sanjeet said...

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