Tuesday, June 26, 2012


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Sir David said...

Great webpage brother I am gona inform this to all my friends and contacts.grow taller 4 idiots

Joseph Donaldson said...

First of all I'm a guy, not a tall girl. My wife sent me a link to what I think is the most recent post about YOUNG GIRLS AND ESTROGEN THERAPY because she knows I have an opinion about it. My materal grandparents met at a social club for tall military personel during WWII ("The Tree Toppers"). My grandmother was I 6'1" and my grandfather was I think 6'7". This created a very tall gene that runs in the family. My grandmother grew up in a socially conservative Mormon community where tall girls weren't really asked out on dates as much and I think she was teased as a girl. Once she joined the military she was shocked with the attention she got. I think WWII is when the tall blonde thing started being attractive. Anyway, probably because of her experiences growing up she didn't want her girls to be tall and I believe both my aunt and mother received hormone therapy as young girls. The girls ended up around 5'11". I also have one of my four sisters who I think had the therapy and is 6'2". Anyway, I want to say that I have two tall daughters and I don't plan on hormone therapy for either of them. My concern is that girlhood growth is different than puberty growth, happening at different parts of the body. For example, it seems that girls and boys right before puberty have proportionally longer legs than torsos because that is where children get their height, then there is proportionally more torso height during puberty. If you give a girl hormone therapy early, you might be taking away some of her leg height and she wouldn't have the proportions which were more natural for her. It might be the reverse of this, or it might not actually be an issue, but I would definitely consult a pediatric endocrinologist or other doctor who knows if this is true or not. (I'm a doctor but my specialty is not anywhere close to hormone therapy). Also, I want my girls to be proud of their height. I tell me girls to stand of straight, be tall, and wear heals to make a point of it when the occasion is right. I admit that height is not always seen as feminine but if she acts and dresses feminine in every other way, I don't think a girl would be considered unattractive because of her height. Both my girls are likely going to be 6 feet plus but they both love pink, give me kisses, and drive me nuts with their girly whining. I also admit I did give them feminine names with their height in mind. Two of my sisters married men shorter than they are, and one is the same height - but her husband likes her to wear heals). These sisters probably had a lot of less secure guys look them over, but the guys they got were secure with being a little different socially and of a greater character. I'm really happy with my brother in laws even if they are short. I have let me daughters know up front that the facts are that they may marry someone shorter than their dad. My older daughter said something the other day which made me realize that she was cool with that. I think this is great. I am more conservative than some, in that I do think girls should be feminine and guys should be masculine, but there are so many other ways that femininity and masculinity can be expressed that I would consider other options before considering hormone therapy.

Herry Johnson said...
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