Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello loyal readers. Did I not say I would post again soon? We got out first snowfall here in Wisconsin last night, just in time for Thanksgiving. I'm going home for the holiday tomorrow, but tonight I'm finishing up some job preparation stuff. Even with all my talent and charm, I have yet to land a job after I graduate in TWO WEEKS! Yikes. Here's a link to my online portfolio if anyone is interested in reading some of my work.
Of course, any job offers will be greatly appreciated by this tall writer! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.


Jason said...

Terrific articles. Im sure something will turn up. You have talent, brains and beauty.


KT. TallGirl said...

No worries, Becky. Those days of coming out of college with a job are slowly going away; however, based on your materials, I would not be surprised if a job offer comes your way real soon.

Seasons Greetings to you and your loyal readers!

Kalyn said...

Hi Rebecca,

I think your site is fantastic. I have a blog too
which is basically the same thing: Chronicling my experiences and other randomness of being tall. It's great to find other tall girls out there! :)


Sunil said...

Thanksgiving should be there to show what respect we have to someone.

Sunil Choudhary

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