Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tues., Apr. 1, the Today show came. Really!

Nick Palledino, associate producer for the Today show on NBC, came to UW Oshkosh yesterday with camera and sound guys to follow me around for a few hours. I'm going to be on the show LIVE on Wed., Apr. 9, but they wanted to prepare a taped spot of me in my natural habitat! It was cool--I've never had someone put a microphone on me, never been the center of the camera's attention--but it was also a little awkward. They came to my Feature Writing class at 12:40 yesterday afternoon. I was already in the building, but they had me put on my jacket and backpack and go back outside so they could shoot me going into the building. I was trying really hard to act normal but it was weird coming into Clow, going back out, coming in again, all while being filmed and trying to act like I was just heading to class on a normal day! But the crew was really nice, and pretty soon I got over it. They taped me at track practice, high jumping and hurdling. All my teammates were asking me what was going on and saying congratulations. Then it was time to get ready for the taped interview, something I was pretty nervous for since I've never been that good at talking about myself. But I guess that's what started all this in the beginning!
I have to work this morning, but the story will continue this afternoon. Cheers!


Jill Esplin said...

really great show this am:) fun to watch!

sportygirl252002 said...

Thanks so much for writing your essay! Finally, the media is talking about height differences. I am 6'3" and mostly enjoy it, I still trying to meet the love of my life. You inspired me to consider shorter men.

Anonymous said...

You were great! And I am so glad that my 12-year old daughter (now 5'6" but estimated to be over 6 feet) got to see this segment (and that I eventually found your blog to say thank you!).
Cindi Howson