Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I will be a guest on NPR's Talk of the Nation talking to host Neal Conan and Pulitzer Prize- winning novelist Jane Smiley. Here's what she posted on my 'Life as a Tall Girl' article:

200. March 25th,20085:36 pm
  • I was born in 1949. When I was twelve, I was 5′1″, just like the other girls. By the end of high school, I was 6′2″, and it was 1967. During my adolescence, it was considered possible and even desirable to cut tall girls down by taking some inches out of the long bones of their legs. There was an article in Life magazine about it. I refused this treatment. The last time I had a single regret about being over six feet tall was when I was sixteen. Since then, it has been great. I wear heels in company and when I have to do any stage performances, and I enjoy that. A few clothing tips–Zappos for shoes (big selection) and Lucky jeans for pants (37-38) inch inseams. I’ve had a lot of friends who were in the 5′-5′2″ range, and I learned something from them–it’s a lot more difficult for people to condescend to you when they have to look up to do it.

    — Posted by Jane Smiley

I think it's going to be a great conversation.
Listen tomorrow Thurs., Apr. 17 at 2:40 central time.


Christopher Gwyn said...

I listened to 'Talk of the Nation', your speaking ability matches your writing ability. I look forward to reading much more of your work over the years. Thank you.

Mary said...

congratulations! NYT & NPR - very fancy!

i am a tall blogger, too, and i have some good links for you.

jheri said...

This is great!

I'm 190cm and a live in Copenhagen. My hearing is poor, so I had my flatmate sort out the words.

I lived in Manhattan for awhile and wasn't noticed that much:-)


lauranotlora said...

Hearing your confidence in your height on the NPR interview was refreshing!
Growing up a tall girl was tough, and it did affect my view of myself: it's still hard to wear pink with confidence, and I could never feel I was "girly". At six two and now 50 yrs, I still wish I had been shorter!
But I'm happily married for 25+ yrs. He's six-four and shrinking; we met on a blind date set-up: he wanted a girl over 6'! We have two grown sons(six six and six seven). I know my height brought me love.

Try large shoes from or; jeans from long elegant legs, eddie bauer and lands end.

Jason said...
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Jason said...

You have a lot of grace and articulacy. You actually remind me of a tall Nicole Kidman.


Becky Thomas said...

Thanks for the kind words, I thought I did awful in the NPR interview! I was flustered, but I'm glad it didn't come across.

Jason said...

No. It was fine. You are natural. I just hope you always stay that way.

Jason said...

You really come across so genuinely in your interview. Jane Smiley's comment was interesting about always appearing closer to observers from a distance. I suppose that can be a bit of an advantage. You should be proud. You are very beautiful.